Scrub 4oz


Scrub 4oz

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An essential detoxification regimen for men to maintain facial fitness and vitality. This self-heating scrub offers deep yet gentle cleansing to revitalize your skin and discourage ingrown hairs. Warms on contact to remove dulling buildup then finishes cool to awaken your senses and reveal smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin.

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Every man needs at least one weekly detoxification session
to help remove dulling dead skin cells of the outermost
dermal layer to reveal more vibrant-looking skin.

Goes on warm. This unique warming scrub requires only a few seconds of featherweight pressure to apply. Exfoliating zeolite crystals go to work to help remove surface debris and environmental deposits while gently targeting skin texture for a softer and smoother appearance and feel.

Finishes cool. Mint extracts kick in upon rinsing to provide a cooling finish, for skin that not only looks revived but feels rejuvenated as well.

Use more frequently for oily skin or to discourage ingrown hairs. Ideal for days you skip shaving.

Purify & Condition

  • Natural exfoliants gently remove pore-clogging oil and environmental debris
  • Warming zeolite mineral crystals trap surface toxins for removal
  • Cosmeceutical hydrators and natural emollients seal in moisture

Renew & Invigorate

  • Assists dermal renewal for vibrant-looking skin
  • Vitamin C & natural mint extracts energize and refresh

On wet face and neck, rub dime-size amount in soft circular motion, avoiding eyes. Use 2-3x weekly.
AM: Rinse with warm water and follow with Permission™ Shave.
PM: Rinse with cool water and follow with Permission™ Toner and Permission™ Moisturizer.

EXFOLIATING TIPS from The Modern Gentleman

Ideal for all skin types.
Even those with drier skin can benefit from at least one weekly scrub. Those with oilier skin or prone to ingrown hairs may benefit from multiple applications weekly. Note: If you are under the care of a dermatologist who has prescribed exfoliating topical agents, ask before utilizing any other type of exfoliating treatment.

Apply in a circular motion — gently.
A round, gentle scrubbing motion helps the zeolite crystals exfoliate and remove surface toxins. Only a slight amount of pressure is needed. Although it’s called a “scrub”—there’s no need to take it literally. It shouldn’t feel like a rough washcloth or sandpaper being dragged across your face. It’s exfoliation, not dermabrasion.

Shave more than just your face? 
Use Permission™ Scrub in other non-sensitive areas you shave to discourage ingrown hairs in other shaving zones as well.

Enjoy the warmth.
Permission™ Scrub is no ordinary scrub. The zeolite mineral crystals, used in a variety of sophisticated purification technologies influenced by nature, are responsible for the gentle sensation of heat. They’re a unique feature of this gentle exfoliating treatment.

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