Moisturizer 4oz


Moisturizer 4oz

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A good moisturizer doesn’t always make its presence known.
Permission™ Moisturizer goes on light and then feels like you have “nothing” on your face. That’s a good thing, but it may take some adjustment if you’re used to heavier moisturizers that seem to “sit” on top of your skin, weighing it down or making it appear oilier. Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not working.

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This light facial moisturizer absorbs quickly leaving skin with a natural matte finish that looks and feels softer not oily, heavy or sticky

Don’t leave your face exposed to skin-drying environmental elements. This light facial moisturizer absorbs quickly with a natural matte finish, leaving skin that looks and feels softer — not oily, heavy or sticky. Provides advanced hydrators and additional age-defying peptides as the ideal finishing touch to prepare for your day and/or restorative sleep. There is no substitution.

Perfect hydration specifically formulated for men seeking healthier, more resilient skin. This lightweight, oil-free formula absorbs quickly to discourage wrinkles and help tone, smooth and delay visible signs of aging. Ideal third step in a daily regimen for younger-looking skin.

Nourish & Hydrate

  • Botanical extracts of aloe, soy and oat calm post-shave skin
  • Powerful antioxidant enzymes fight stressors that prematurely age
  • Advanced hydrators replenish moisture and prepare skin for renewal

Firm & Defy

Exclusive Bo-Max™ Plus anti-aging complex provides:

  • Clinically tested cosmeceutical and botanical peptides to reduce wrinkle appearance
  • Clinically tested tetrapeptide that targets skin elasticity for firmer-looking skin

Apply to clean face and neck in a gentle upward motion. Use after Permission™ Toner.

MOISTURIZING TIPS from The Modern Gentleman

Apply in an upward motion.
Apply Permission™ Moisturizer against the direction of gravity to avoid unnecessary help with sagging skin.

Don’t forget your neck.
Apply to neck area as well for relief after shaving and to help minimize the appearance of fine lines in the neck area. Remember to apply to the back of your neck. Again, gently rub in an upward motion.

Watch the eyes. 
For added help for moisture replenishment and aging defense in the delicate under eye area, get Eye Deed™anti-aging eye cream. Don’t apply any moisturizing product closer to the eye itself than the bone along the orbital ridge.

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