eyedeed .5oz


eyedeed .5oz

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For eyes that defy aging.
Apply daily to minimize the appearance of fine expression lines, dark circles and puffiness — to visibly brighten, smooth and lift the look of your eyes. Using the tip of your ring finger, gently dot a small amount of this concentrated formula along the orbital bone under the eye (never closer to the eye itself) to the outer corner expression lines. Pat gently (no rubbing, pulling or tugging) in this sensitive skin area to aid absorption. Always apply after cleansing face.

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Are your eyes over 21?™

Your eyes are your most age-identifying feature.  Since they're one of the first places that show the signs of time, they may be revealing more about your age than you'd like.

Fight back with Eye Deed, which combines gentle but intensive moisturizers and clinically tested anti-aging compounds to help delicate areas look and feel less tired. Give these "thirsty" zones an extra drink from a youthful fountain both day and night for a more vital appearance. Don't go aging without it.

This advanced hydrating solution helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and the appearance of fine lines. Formulated with collagen-stimulating vitamins and our exclusive Bo-Max™ Plusenhanced anti-aging peptide complex.

Nourish & Defend

  • Skin-boosting vitamins A, C, E and K fight stressors that prematurely age

Replenish & Protect

  • Advanced emollients & soothing botanicals (aloe, green tea) provide intensive, long lasting hydration

Revitalize & Firm

  • Exclusive Bo-Max™ Plus anti-aging complex provides clinically tested cosmeceutical and botanical peptides and Powerful antioxidant enzymes to combat early aging signs for firmer, younger looking features

Gently pat small amount on delicate tissue under eye along orbital bone to outer corner expression lines (also mouth / lip area).

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For lips that speak volumes.
Eye Deed™ also reduces the appearance of expression lines around the mouth, as well as provides advanced elements to help lips look and feel softer and fuller. Apply a small amount with fingertip to fine lines around the mouth and lips after cleansing face. Pat concentrated amount directly on lips to hydrate and relax their appearance for a plumper look.

Aging defense on the go. 
Eye Deed™ easily slips into your pocket, laptop case, or luggage for ease in application whenever you feel you may need it. These delicate areas often appear drier than other areas of the face.

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