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Cleanses & conditions with lightweight hydrators and natural emollients that help retain moisture.

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Don’t entrust your most valuable asset to simple soap.Purify the right way. Leaves skin feeling fresh and firm, not stripped or filmy (like ordinary soap or harsh cleansers).

This transparent gel is pH-balanced for men of all skin types as the ideal first step in a daily regimen for healthy, age-defying skin. Lightly foams to remove excess oil and dermal debris. Leaves skin feeling fresh and firm, not stripped or filmy (like ordinary soap or harsh cleansers).

Use day & night for a face that commands attention.

Cleanse & Condition

  • Lightweight hydrators and natural emollients help retain moisture
  • Soothing botanicals (green tea, ginger, ylang ylang) prepare skin for shaving

Revive & Defend

  • Exclusive Bo-Max™ anti-aging complex delivers clinically tested cosmeceutical and botanical peptides to help skin look firm and smooth
  • Powerful antioxidants help battle free radicals that cause skin to prematurely age


Lather dime-size amount in circular motion on wet face and neck. Rinse with cool water and follow with Permission™ Toner and Permission™ Moisturizer.

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Don’t cleanse immediately before exfoliation. 
Permission™ Scrub offers a deep cleansing for occasional use. It’s not necessary to “pre-cleanse” before application.

Wash warm. Rinse cold.
Warm water opens your pores to help the cleanser remove pore clogging oil and debris. Cold water helps shrink pores to minimize debris potential.
Note: Rinse with warm water if you’re going to shave immediately after washing face. Always cleanse your face prior to shaving - even if you shave in the shower.

Shower power
Just because your face gets wet in the shower doesn’t mean it gets clean. If you normally wash your face in the shower, take Permission Cleanser with you. Or keep an extra tube there.

Don’t be afraid to cleanse more often. 
Permission Cleanser is formulated with pH balancers to help maintain your skin’s normal moisture. Men with oily skin can wash more frequently if needed. And men with drier skin don’t have to limit cleansing their face to once daily for fear of over-drying.

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